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Hendler-02-04-14-8683-EditNo matter the season, there she sits on her throne above the busy road.
I really wish she could talk because I have so many questions for her.

What does she do up there all day to keep from getting bored?
And I wonder if she counts the cars that pass. And more importantly, I wonder if anyone even knows that she is there (besides me of course).
Why doesn’t she come down and take a bath in the river; it’s so close to where she is perched.
Does she appreciate my occasional visits, and does she worry when I haven’t been around for a while?

Yes, I have a lot of unanswered questions. I wonder what is her name… I think I will call her Sally. After all, we have had this relationship for almost four years now. It would be rude of me to not ask her name.


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So, I’ve had this relationship with the “baby doll on a stick” since April 2010. It’s a rather one sided relationship to be quite honest; I don’t think she even knows or cares that I exist. In spite of that, we have had some fun together. In the beginning, she was rather clean and respectable (refer to my post from November 12, 2011), and I was able to capture her in all her innocent beauty when we first met.

However, that has really changed in such a short period of time. I guess living in a tree on the side of the road can make someone rather moody and unapproachable. She has become very dark and sinister, and she actually scares me a little now. I tried to convey her eeriness in a photo last November, but there was too much shadow and she was wearing a leaf on her head. Perhaps, she was shameful of her transformation. I had this theory that I would capture her true essence more accurately if I used a flash, so I gave it a try today. Do you think I revealed her true nature?

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