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The Mushroom Juggler

Juggling is always fun and full of energy, so including this image in my collage was an obvious choice. Being a fan of mushrooms anyway, we always stop by the Primordia both at the farmers’s market. To my delight (there’s that word ;-), Deni was juggling mushrooms on one such occasion. Of course, I couldn’t resist capturing this image! Deni is quite good at juggling and the mushrooms are delicious too!


    no mushrooms were harmed in the creation of this image 😉


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I thought I would take this time to provide some more details about my photo collage since each image was carefully selected and most also have a story behind them. Where to start… the base image of course!

The challenge with any collage is for the base image to not compete   with the images layered and blended on top, and also to have the base image draw interest as well. I think I achieved that here…You may notice the base image has a strange other worldly appearance to it. The trees look white as if full of blossoms; and yet that image was captured during August! Actually, that is because I used my newly converted infrared camera.

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We love visiting our local farmer’s market because of the fresh food and that there is always something happening. They have a different live musical performer each week, great food to take home or eat right there, crafts and activities for the children.

Yes, I just love our farmer’s market and look forward to going each week. Being an addicted photographer, there are many great photo opps too… so many colors and textures. Of course, I was thrilled to find out that they were doing the “Art for the Market” fundraiser. One of the market volunteers whom I know, said “You’re creative, why don’t you submit a piece?”  Who doesn’t love a project!

So, I spent several weeks capturing various images before I sat down to put together my photo collage. Of course, the challenge was coming up with a good base image that didn’t compete with the other images. Here is what I came up with…


You can find out more about this wonderful weekly open air farmer’s market at http://www.eastonfarmersmarket.com/

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