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“Y” the tree

So I got asked today what is the significance of the tree and name for my company… this is as good a reason as any to post to my blog. Before I even decided to go down my current path, I wanted to create a business card as a way to easily share my blog. I love everything about photography and especially love to show my images to anyone that will give them a look. But what image should I put on my card? It should be something special, impactful and work well on a tiny 3.5 x 2 inch card. There also needs to be room for my information without interfering with the image itself. How in the world do you achieve all of that with just one image? Well, I didn’t choose the image; rather, image chose me.

I was going through a rather dark period having lost my most treasured cat on January 31 of this year. Photography became very therapeutic, and I found myself capturing lots of images in the fog and broken down state. There was this particular tree that I pass regularly and thought it would look wonderful in the fog; it was broken yet still standing… like me. When I looked at the image during editing, I was taken with its beauty and the very strong “Y” shape of the trunk. There was also plenty of room in the image for my information! All I needed was a name for my business. Of course,Y Tree Photography seemed to be the only choice. After several versions of my card, I finally came up with the perfect size fonts and even added a portrait to the back…




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