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Been A Whale of a Winter

No doubt about it, this has been a crazy winter. The snow and ice has stuck around for quite a while, and some of the formations are very interesting indeed.  Hendler-02-13-14-8980A couple weeks ago, a whale… yes a whale visited my front porch!


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Hendler-02-24-14-9715-EditDuring my travels today, I happened upon this gem.

Who knew a broken drain pipe could create such a work of art!

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Snow Flower

Hendler-02-14-14-9014-EditEven though this Winter has been a lot to deal with, it has also been quite beautiful with so many opportunities. During my travels yesterday which I was already running late (always running late… it’s in my nature), I noticed something wonderful that I just had to capture. There were these “snow flowers”. My guess it that they were created during the plowing since I found them on a hill down from a highway. Luckily I was able to get close enough to one of them (cursed myself that I didn’t have my long lens with me).

I wonder what treasure(s) I will find tomorrow.

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Playing In The Snow

Hendler-02-09-14-8952-EditNow that our kids are older, this is how we play in the snow. I make them pose for a photo opp… then they go back in the house, complain about being cold and ask to have hot chocolate. Oh, did I mention that he wasn’t even outside for 5 minutes.

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Well if it’s going to be icey cold like FOREVER, I might as well make a few images.Hendler-02-07-14-8731-Edit

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Hendler-02-04-14-8620-EditWe live rather close to the “Musky”, and I do love to make images at various access points. This one place in particular, I tend to only make images on the east side because it is wide open and gets a lot light. The west side is always in the shadow because of all the trees.  Also, the east side has all the wonderful reflections since it is up stream from the dam. The west side is all current. However, it was a magical scene yesterday with all snow that we had. I couldn’t believe how breathtaking it was!

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Hendler-02-04-14-8683-EditNo matter the season, there she sits on her throne above the busy road.
I really wish she could talk because I have so many questions for her.

What does she do up there all day to keep from getting bored?
And I wonder if she counts the cars that pass. And more importantly, I wonder if anyone even knows that she is there (besides me of course).
Why doesn’t she come down and take a bath in the river; it’s so close to where she is perched.
Does she appreciate my occasional visits, and does she worry when I haven’t been around for a while?

Yes, I have a lot of unanswered questions. I wonder what is her name… I think I will call her Sally. After all, we have had this relationship for almost four years now. It would be rude of me to not ask her name.

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