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Dreaming of warmer days

It has been cold too many days in a row now, and I needed something to warm my spirits…

Perhaps this will do the trick!



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Winter Wonders

I’ve been obsessed with snowflakes lately having seen some wonderful images posted by friends. Here are a couple I just captured… the snowflakes were finally big enough. I’m sure I will try this again especially since no two snowflakes are the same!


Hendler-02-08-13-2083080-Edit Hendler-02-08-13-2083087-Edit

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Capturing Art

A friend of mine, Rich Cook, is this amazing artist, and he asked me to photograph some of his work for an upcoming show. He has so many great pieces that it was difficult to highlight just one for this post. The colors are so vibrant, and he puts a lot of detail into each creation. I just hope I did it justice.


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My kind of Snow

It snowed last night just enough to leave a nice coating today. Everything looks so beautiful in its winter white, but there wasn’t enough snow to get in the way or become slushy. A perfect day to go out and see what I can find… Since the camera doesn’t work the same way as the human eye, this type of image would typically have a blown out sky. By using a polarizing filter, I was able to bring back some detail in the sky.


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Fall Splendor

So this is a little off season, but I am trying to go through my many images to get caught up… yeah like that is EVER going to happen! Each season brings its own beauty, and it is really difficult to decide which I like best. I’ve had so much fun this winter capturing the ice and snow, but here is one from this past fall.


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Not Deep in The Woods

I am so lucky to have a husband that is always looking out for artful images and understands my need to capture them. ┬áHere is something he noticed during his travels today. Since we live within a mile of a river, there are lots of natural streams alongside the roads around here. Because of that fact, one doesn’t need to hike deep in the woods to capture such beauty…


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