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So I understand why our cat, Ashes, likes to get in our downstairs bathroom sink. The faucet drips, and he licks the water from it. However, the kitchen sink makes no sense to me. There weren’t even any dirty dishes to lick remnants from… but there he was like it was the most natural thing.


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Winter’s River

Hendler-01-27-13-1270502Infrared photography is typically not a Winter sport, but I was curious how this would look. I feel like the willow tree really makes this image; it adds to the dreaminess. Also, I purposely processed this image to look more like a classic infrared, so it doesn’t have my usual sharpness.

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Hendler-01-27-13-1272841Had to go pretty far to get this image!

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Tiny Snowflakes

Without a doubt, Winter is a beautiful season. We had a light dusting tonight, and it looked like someone had sprinkled glitter on our porch. Inspired by a fellow photographer, I thought I would try capturing a very intimate image. Here are the results… Can you see the tiny snowflakes?


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“Ice Feathers”

The ice crystals on my car’s windshield were so lovely this morning that I couldn’t resist. Who knew it would be so difficult to capture. The curve of the windshield doesn’t make focus too easy with a macro lens. First I tried to capture the image from the comfort of the heated interior, but I wasn’t quite getting the texture that I wanted. I did end up in the cold and got more texture in my image, but the windshield’s curve became more of an issue.


interior perspective


exterior perspective

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Okay, it’s cold!

Yesterday’s high was 23 degrees F which I guess was warm compared to today’s 18 degrees! Tomorrow promises to warm up a bit to 24 Yay! So, it is really cold, and I do look forward to warmer days. However, I feel it is best to take advantage of the photo opps that present themselves (at least until my fingers go numb).

Today’s photo opp was the ice just starting to form on the Delaware river. The shoreline had quite a bit, and there was some flowing with the current that looked pretty interesting.

Hendler-01-23-13-1232692-EditYou can see the ice on the shore surrounding the tree, but what really caught my eye was the small sheets of ice flowing down the river that I was able to capture with a slow shutter speed for an artistic affect.

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I never tire of looking up to see the wonders in the sky. Even though tonight’s moon wasn’t even close to full, it was still beautiful. Thankfully, I kept my 70-300mm lens from my e-410 and have an adapter to use it for my current camera. How wonderful it would be to have an even longer lens for this capture, but still not bad considering…


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