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for all the dog lovers

Hendler-11-10-12-100837 This post is very overdue… from a trip to Lakota Wolf Preserve.


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End of an Era

Even though Asbury Willows had been closed for quite some time prior to the storm, this is still very sad. The willow tree was quite beautiful in the Spring and Summer.

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O Sandy!

The clean up was so overwhelming that this tree limb stayed on the power line for a week before it was removed.

It has been quite a couple of weeks, and we are the lucky ones. My heart breaks for the Jersey Shore and what they have suffered. We are very thankful to have not suffered any property damage, nonetheless we were without power for 13 days! Thanks to the generator that I purchased this past July, we had a few creature comforts… no heat or running water though. Our five lizards and one frog did survive the ordeal.

I did finally get out to see some of the local damage and was able to photograph.

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Gas Rationing

There is still a lot of power outages including NJ oil refineries, so the Governor has put gas rationing in place for several NJ counties including Warren and Hunterdon. We are “ODD”… true in many ways and proud of it 😉

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