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Rainy days sometimes send me indoors to shoot. This happened to be a good thing today because I found myself at the local fish market. Not only did I have a yummy lunch, but I got to play with my new 45 mm f/1.8 lens. Is it okay to love a lens?


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There are sooooo many wonderful images to capture at a public garden; I really needed an outing like this! Today, I was a picture MAKER instead of a picture taker.

The sculpture shown here was very interesting to look at, but I enjoyed it so much more from this angle. Besides, I love creating wonderful sunbursts like this one.

Anyone can take a photo of a fountain staight on, but here you can really see the water “dance”, and the sun sparkled so beautifully. Doesn’t the water look playful?

Here are some sap coated mushrooms growing on the side of a tree. I wonder if the mushrooms enjoyed the sticky treat…

This statue was very nice, but the blue lighting made it feel like a museum display!

And who doesn’t love a swan with a nice reflection…

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Colorful World

I really thought that it would be difficult to find outdoor subjects during Spring since I tend to gravitate toward darker images. Apparently, I was wrong…

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