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Branching Out

Yeah, I know another tree photo. What is it with all these trees anyway??!!!!! This was another one that I had to go for the detail to capture its awesomeness.

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Evening Sun

The setting sun casts such a wonderful glow on the surrounding landscape. I consider myself very fortunate when I have a camera ready to capture its beauty…

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The Diner

I am so excited about today’s post that I don’t even know where to begin. Someone overheard me talking about and sharing my latest abandoned building photos today and just had to jump in the conversation. He said if you like photographing abandoned buildings, you have to go check out the diner on 22 in Whitehouse Station. Not one to do well with delayed gratification, I did check it out as soon as possible. He just seemed so sure that I wouldn’t be sorry.

OMG! This place was amazing. Apparently, it is a local landmark simply known as “The Diner” photographed by many. There were even two art students there capturing photos with a point and shoot to use later for drawings. Can you tell that I’m excited…

The place is awesome! I definitely plan to return and get some more pictures when the sky is different. For now, enjoy what I’ve captured thus far…

I was even able to peek inside a little since the front door was open and busted.

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Falling Down

This week’s theme is one of my fave subjects – Broken Down Building

Yay! I love capturing those, and we had perfect weather to set just the right mood: fog and misty rain.

This old house even had moss growing on the lower roof… how wonderful! Love it!.

Here is the full front view.

And some more close-ups…
This one photo shows the south side of the house with its vibrant color unlike the other three which have faded.

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Falling Down

picture 1

picture 2

picture 3

picture 4

picture 5

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Gossamer Strands

gos·sa·mer (gs-mr)


1. A soft sheer gauzy fabric.
2. Something delicate, light, or flimsy.
3. A fine film of cobwebs often seen floating in the air or caught on bushes or grass.


Sheer, light, delicate, or tenuous
this spider web did trap me with its wonder…so beautiful!

The Spider’s Web

Shining in sunlight
silver strands of silken string
such a simple piece
So enchanting too
That keeps me here in wonder
Trapped just like a fly

Dewdrops upon it
reflect morning’s revere
silent and joyous

In the crisp clear air
Of a new day with new hope
Spun within its gossamer strands
Ominous beauty
Enticing delicacy
Danger unseen lurks

And as day begins
the light of the sun reveals
nature in her bloom

Dew-spangled wonder’s
Intricate simplicity,
Enchanted ponder.

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While reviewing some old photos, I came across this beautiful frog and decided to process the photo for your viewing pleasure. This photo was taken when I first started learning how to use my slr… what a beautiful creature!

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