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As hard as I try, not every photo turns out to be worthy enough to share. In fact, most fit that category and will never be viewed by a living soul other than myself. Well what would you expect when it’s only the end of January, and I’ve already taken 1159 photos this year… a girl gets tired you know.

Some photo opps present themselves, and I’m up for the challenge… like seeing this flock of snow geese take off in unison…

It looked like snow falling when they landed again. That photo didn’t really come so well, so you don’t get to see that one… sorry. You will just have to witness this phenonenum for yourself. It is quite spetacular!

However, there are some awesome photo opps that I’m just not good enough to make happen. This one would have been soooooo cool though. There’s this beautiful sunset between the trees right over the train tracks, and along comes a train at the perfect moment. There are even some puddles to left to make the scene even more interesting. Here come the excuses: the train vibrated the bridge and cars driving over the bridge vibrated the bridge I was standing on which meant using a tripod was out of the question, the mindless train engineer thought he would be friendly and say hi by tooting the train whistle as he went by (man was that loud!), and my fingers were starting to freeze. It is best to look at this one as a small photo; it looks better that way. In spite of all the challenges, don’t the train headlights look cool though?


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During my wonderings, I found this barn which I’m sure is very useful to the owner. However, do you think the owner actually realizes that it is truly beautiful as well? I just love the weathered, rustic look and tried to bring that out even more in post processing. I do hope to visit this spot again when the sky is more cooperative…

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In the theme/week group I joined, we post on Saturdays. This week’s theme was shadows which was really tough with all the rain and fog. As you can see from earlier posts, I got some awesome fog photos, but shadows… not so much. Since I didn’t know if I was going to get many opportunities for shadows, I made sure to get something about mid week even though the shadows weren’t very strong. I had hoped that some opportunity would present itself as the week progressed. Well, my husband sent me a link to a photostream with star wars legos and figurines that inspired this photo you see here.

I can’t believe this is actually a photo I took late this afternoon with some help from my son. He set up the lego characters so the shadow hit the wall, and we found that turning all the lights off in his room and opening the curtains made the shadows much stronger. Of course, the post processing helped with the “film noir” effect.

Here is what the photo looked like before post processing and uncropped straight out of the camera:

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I thought today was going to be a bust. We had rain in the morning, and I wasn’t feeling inspired at all. Then the rain stopped, it warmed up and there was this amazing fog. I ran out of the house like it was on fire just in case the fog was going to dissipate any minute. Well, it just got better and better each time I pulled over to set up my tripod! My second stop was the Musconetcong river as seen from the bridge in town. (BTW – I just love saying Musconetcong)

My fourth stop was this ordinary corn field (minus the corn of course). I feel like I struck “fog gold” today!

And another view of the Musconetcong.

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Another rainy day today and so much to do, so I thought I would try to capture a good photo of our leopard gecko eating a cricket. She does love her crickets! Well, I almost got it this time… almost. However, I didn’t go away empty handed… Isn’t she beautiful!

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Yin and Yang describe two opposing and, at the same time, complementary forms of energy. It is said that you can’t stop progress, but as you can see… Progress can’t stop Nature!

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Another foggy morning and another opportunity for some challenging photo opps! This time, I went a little further from home … actually not that far. There are so many beautiful subjects/views around here. Since the fog wasn’t as dense today and was lifting by the minute, I didn’t have much time. Here is a farm I found… you can see the fog starting to lift and pull back across the field. (BTW – there was a private property sign at the end of the drive; this little hobby might start to get dangerous… mmmm)

It didn’t take long for the fog to lift completely, and I was able to capture this beautiful silhouette! I just love the star burst effect that the small aperture gave the sun.

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