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I was so upset with some professional vintage photos taken of the kids, that I decided to see if I could do an acceptable job with props on hand. It’s not that the photos were bad, but the packages were totally overpriced, and the photographer wasn’t a magician… grrrrrrrr. The photos just didn’t take my breath away, and that is what I would expect from a professional photographer now that I can take pretty decent portraits on my own.

Here is the result (after converting to sepia) … Rebekah was such a good model.


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Rebekah enjoyed a recent jewelry making art class so much, that she wanted to do some more at home, so it was off to Michael’s for supplies… and pull out the camera for a photo opp of course 🙂

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Chanukah 2011

We had a very enjoyable Chanukah this year. Lots of Latkes…
with our favorite being the ones we made at home. Of course, there was the traditional toppings of sour cream and applesauce.

The kids also tried something new… chocolate syrup! They got that one from a song they learned at religious school. Jacob did admit that it wasn’t a good combination, and he wouldn’t be doing that again.

We also got the unique opportunity to attend a candle lighting of a Chanukah Menorah sculpted from ice! It was rather beautiful.

  We also made some dreidle cookies this year (and took them to our family’s x-mas celebration… how evil… LOL) and some fun camera play.

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xmas eve fun

This is what happens when I try to practice my photography on xmas eve… Rebekah’s idea to pretend to be reindeer for the photo. She is so clever! I thought it was so cute, I made Jacob do it as well.

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I’ve been practicing a lot lately trying to become a better “photographer”. Here is a picture from my daughter’s holiday concert night when she showed me an art project. It took three or four tries to get this just right, but well worth it! Then I converted it to B&W for better presentation.

Took this picture tonight and am going to turn it into a card for my kids’ teachers at religious school. This took quite a few attempts to get the lighting and composition just right. Hallmark would be proud … don’t you think LOL.

Took this picture using my macro lens. Now that is a boy who loves his gecko 🙂

… and can’t forget our furry babies… 

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