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On my own…

This rimlight technique of my daughter is my favorite. She has an adorable smile, and the glowing light framing her head is perfect. The other photo of my daughter (with guinea pig) uses the bounce flash technique… not a bad photo if you can ignore  the ripped, dirty jacket sleeves. Oh yeah, we threw that jacket in the trash today!

Rimlight technique
bounce flash

This photo of both my kids with our cat didn’t
come out the way I wanted, but they do look so cute. 

Rimlight that didn’t quite work

I may be able to use this one for our holiday card!


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Group Shot with instructors

Took this awesome photography class yesterday at Dan’s in Allentown. It’s a good thing I don’t live closer to that store… boy would I be in trouble. We learned some creative ways to use the flash (my nemisis). I was able to reproduce two of the techniques at home… still working on the third one.

The lovely Sami captured
using the rimlight technique

Of course, it is easy to capture great images with professional models for subjects and the lighting is set up for you. The hard part is trying to reproduce the results on my own… oy vey!

Hard to believe this was done
by simply bouncing the flash
off the wall
(and a professional backdrop)
The lovely Rebecca

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Scary Baby Doll

I have no idea why this baby doll is here, but I couldn’t let this oddity escape my notice. Here she is nice and clean in April 2010. I took another picture about a week ago…

My how she has changed!

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Smile for the camera!

I just love capturing our lizards in photos. Isn’t Coco beautiful?! I think she even smiled for the camera 🙂

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Ancient Jewelry

The best thing about the Pocono garlic festival was this awesome piece of jewelry I purchased. The ammonite shell combined with iridescent crystals in a gold filigree setting was a must have! Is it wrong to love an inanimate object?

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Not sure what to make of this photo that I fooled around with in Photoshop elements of a vine covered abandoned structure. Perhaps I made it better… perhaps I made it worse. It looks rather surreal which is the affect I was after.

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