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The miracle of Life…

May 3rd – There were 6 perfect eggs in the nest. How exciting! I got so close for this capture, I could have touched them (but didn’t)

May 8th – Click on the photo to enlarge and get a better view of the little momma warming her eggs.

May 15th – We have 6 beautiful babies! Happy “Hatch” Day!

May 21st – This photo was captured without a flash. I had my husband hold a flashlight; they look so peaceful…

May 23rd – They are always hungry and growing so fast. I was determined to get a photo of the babies being fed. It took half an hour to capture this moment. The momma bird wouldn’t go near her babies while I was watching.

This was an accidental double exposure, but I love the result!

May 29th – We are so happy all 6 of “our” babies survived, but we are sad to see them go. We will miss the little darlings. Our son was especially upset. It turns out that these are Carolina Wrens. Good luck little ones… come back and visit!


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This beautiful praying mantis was inside our house clinging to a cabinet. So I had to get up close and personal; this has turned out to be my favorite photo for 2007 thus far. After the photo shoot, we moved her outside. You really have to enlarge this one to appreciate all the detail that was captured.

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